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This is your best source of Wheat Germ Information, info on the Benefit Of Wheat Germ, and for Northern Edge Fresh Wheat Germ.


The Super Food In Wheat

"Wheat germ" is a nutritious super food, rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin E, enzymes, minerals and more. 

The "germ" is the most nutritious portion of the wheat kernel and makes up only about 2 1/2 % of its weight.  Wheat germ is the reproductive area or embryo from which the seed germinates to form the sprout that becomes the green wheat grass.

(NOTE: The term "germ" comes from the word germinate, and does not refer to "germs" such as bacteria and viruses.)

Wheat germ is usually separated from the bran and starch during the milling of flour because the germ's perishable oil content limits the keeping time of the flour. Wheat germ contains almost none of the sticky gluten protein to which many with a wheat allergy react. 

(Click here for more about allergy to wheat.)

To get the full benefit of wheat germ, it needs to be raw and truly fresh.


Wheat Germ Contents & Benefits



Wheat germ is the highest source among few foods containing Octacosanol, a group of long-chain food molecules that benefit the body in many ways.

Octacosanol has been found to:

  • lower blood levels of cholesterol

  • improve energy storage in muscles

  • enhance performance, endurance and stamina, even at high altitudes

  • quicken reflexes

  • spark alertness

  • improve oxygen utilization

  • balance metabolism

  • increase ability to handle stress


Vitamin E

Wheat germ is the highest food in vitamin E complex (including all three tocopherols, not just the alpha, which is all that many "vitamin E" supplements have.) -- Tocopherols are natural antioxidants that help prevent heart disease, cancer & aging.

The Vitamin E spectrum protects the muscles, blood, lungs, & eyes; prevents blood clots; and strengthens the immune system.

An adequate amount of vitamin E lowers the risk of heart disease between 1/3 & 1/2. (Study at Harvard Univ. School of Public Health)

A deficiency can cause ischemic heart disease (study by World Health Org.), sterility, impotence, miscarriage, loss of vitality, arthritis and paralysis.

NOTE: Synthetic vitamin E is named dl'alpha tocopherol. The "l" following the d refers to the left rotation of its molecules, the mirror image of the right rotation of the natural molecules. Not only is the synthetic E much less effective in the body (only 5 to 20% as much biological activity), it has been show to block absorption of the natural E from food (New York Academy of Sciences -- 1988 Conference on vitamin E).

Synthetic vitamin E is usually made from petroleum, turpentine, sugar and artificial preservatives. The body definitely can tell the difference.


B Vitamins

Wheat germs is one of highest foods in B-complex vitamins, good for metabolism & handling stress. It is especially high in B-6 & folic acid which lower homocysteine levels, preventing arterial damage. B vitamins are needed for energy, digestion, nerves, muscles, skin & hair, organs, growth and repair of tissues, and more.



Wheat germ is abundantly rich in Protein (28.9%). High quality protein is absolutely essential for repair of tissues and for carrying minerals and other nutrients into cells.

The highly-cooked, poorly-digested protein foods most people consume still leave them with a deficiency of good protein to meet the body's needs.



two tablespoons (about 25 grams) per day of Northern Edge wheat germ

~ more than meets the Daily Value for chromium & manganese

~ provides 10% of the Daily Value for iron

~ minerals are in highly absorbable organically-bonded form

~ NOTE: 5 mg of sodium is listed on the package for the daily serving. It is a low sodium content, and it is crucially needed organic sodium. This is alkalizing, often deficient, and not at all a problem.


Other Nutrients in Wheat Germ

~ good source of Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) & enzymes

~ also abundant in tocotrienols, additional antioxidants related to tocopherols, but many times more powerful and effective


The Best

Northern Edge® Fresh Wheat Germ

~ produced from high-protein, Hard Red Spring Wheat

~ specially vacuum-packed immediately after milling in a light-proof package & frozen until shipping time; freshness is guaranteed (store in the freezer)

~ ready-to-eat; tastes great with a light, nutty, slightly sweet flavor

Northern Edge provides what may be the only truly fresh raw commercially available wheat germ in North America. Almost all other wheat germ on the market is rancid, stale and/or toasted. Ours is fresh, uncooked, and truly superior.

Once wheat germ has been exposed to air and/or light, rancidity develops rapidly. Keeping the wheat germ well-wrapped and in the freezer retards deterioration. It should be good for a number of months with this protection.

A bitter aftertaste is indication of rancidity. If rancid, a food is more harmful than good for you, and it should not be eaten.

Please consider ordering

Northern Edge®




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