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"Wherever flax seed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health."     - Mahatma Gandhi

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Flaxseed Is

High Fiber Food

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The best fiber for intestinal cleansing & health.

~ Flax seed is the best high fiber food, providing the greatest level (25%) of high quality dietary fiber of any food.

~ Flax seed is 13% highly beneficial soluble fiber, and 12% high quality insoluble fiber, which is also needed in the diet.

~ Flax seed is the best choice as a fiber supplement for those pursuing a healthy high fiber diet.

~ The high fiber of flax seed cleans the intestines and improves the ease and volume of bowel elimination (better than psyllium seeds) -- people love this benefit!

~ The mucilage, the unique soluble fiber in flaxseed, absorbs moisture and becomes very mucilagenous. When you drink plenty of pure water with it, this soft gentle fiber is both soothing and cleansing to the digestive tract, especially the intestinal walls.

~ The soluble fiber of flax can make bowel elimination easier while increasing its volume, and reduce irritation at the same time, even for people with "irritable bowel" or problems with diverticuli.

~ The insoluble fiber in flax exercises the bowel muscles as it helps broom out debris from the colon and provides bulk for the formation of feces.

~ Also, this special dietary fiber in flax gently cleans excess mucus and other debris from the small intestine, improving absorption.

~ Pregnant women can enjoy the benefit of easier bowel movement safely with the high fiber supplement of flax seed, and it provides them great nutrition -- the crucial Omega 3 fatty acids, plus high quality protein and many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

~ Natural health experts have long said that illness, death and "old-age" begin in the colon. It is VERY important to improve things there with food high in fiber.

~ The high fiber of flax also lowers cholesterol (better than oat bran), and moves other fats along, lessening their absorption.  Thus flax seed helps with managing both cholesterol and triglycerides.

~ By satisfying hunger with few calories and with it's ability to reduce absorption of fats, flax seed is very helpful with weight reduction and control. It is the perfect food for a trimming process to become "fiber thin".


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