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Flaxseed and wheat germ complement each other, providing nearly every nutrient except Vitamin C and bioflavanoids (found in fresh raw fruit), and chlorophyll (found in greens). These are FOODS, and very beneficial to pregnant women and children as well as everyone else.

Flax provides the highest level of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), the Omega 3 source Essential Fatty Acid, and lignans (antioxidants); plus high quality fiber, complete protein, enzymes and minerals.

Fresh wheat germ provides the highest levels of octacosonal and vitamin E, plus complete protein, B vitamins, enzymes and minerals (especially chromium and manganese).

The nutrients in flax and wheat germ are in truly natural whole-food form, unlike the synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals added to commercial breads and cereals, or taken in multi-vitamins. Food nutrients are much more readily accepted by the body.

At two tablespoons per day of each for one adult, one bag of flax will last about a month; one bag of wheat germ will last about 2 months.


"I really like the flax a lot. It's easy to include with any meal. I put both the flax and wheat germ in shakers so I can put them in any food I want. I like eating nutritious wholesome food better than taking pills."

-- Darice A.; Bath, Ohio


After a regional health show, where he made the connection to get our superior organic milled flaxseed and raw wheat germ, a world-famous doctor ordered over $100,000 worth of these items for his cancer clinics over the course of a few years. That gives you an idea of how good these are.

The company that produces these products is owned by a family, and they have an unshakable commitment to quality and value.


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